39 Gifts For Whiskey Lovers


If you’ve got a whiskey devotee in your life, then you know that these people don’t! mess! around! We’re talking about the folks who are baffled by the idea of adding more than an eyedropper of water to their precious Irish whiskey and would sell their souls for a bottle of the 1928 Macallan 50 Year Old. Naturally, buying a present for these people can be more than a little intimidating, and if you’re not able to shell out for a top-shelf bottle of scotch or bourbon, fear not, ’cause there are plenty of great gifts for whiskey lovers besides, ya know, more whiskey.

From bartending gadgets to distillery swag to alcohol subscription boxes, there are plenty of ways for you to enhance someone’s whiskey-drinking experience (even if you legit can’t taste the difference between Johnnie Walker and Maker’s Mark yourself). And while whiskey gifts tend to be targeted towards dads, boyfriends, and husbands, we’ve got gift ideas for ALL the scotch and bourbon fans in your life, because whoever said men had a monopoly on whiskey?

Our top picks in whiskey gifts 2022


This instant drink kit

The Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit

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This whiskey-scented candle

No. No.

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This fancy snifter is a glass

Whiskey Tasting set

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This wall art is a statement piece

Whiskey Barrel Watch

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These are the best ice trays

Silicone Ice Cube Trays

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these genius infusion pouch

Old Fashioned Infusion Kit

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This soap bar is scented with whiskey

Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey soap

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These are topographic glasses

American Mountains, 4

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This oak and leather watch

Watch Reclaimed Whiskey

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This is the perfect whiskey glasses

Whiskey Wedge

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Ahead, all the best gifts for whiskey lovers that’ll have ’em sippin’ in style.

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This instant drink kit

The Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit

Perfect for the whiskey lover who’s always on the go, this TSA-friendly kit will let ’em make the perfect old fashioned wherever they are, complete with aromatic bitters and orange zest. Genius!

Glowing Review I used this on a 3-hour flight yesterday and had the closest thing you can get to a perfect old fashioned in an airplane… I highly recommend, even if it’s just to start conversation on a flight.


This whiskey-scented candle

No. No.

If they love the smell of whiskey as much as they love the taste, then they’ll adore this luxe candle, which includes a base note of toasted oak that smells *just* like aging whiskey barrels.

Glowing ReviewBeautifully packaged, beautiful product, and incredible customer service. I will order again. Scent is also amazing.


This fancy snifter is a glass

Whiskey Tasting set

Complete with a metal chilling base that cools whiskey without watering it down, this v fah-ncy snifter is designed to let ’em enjoy their fave spirit in the best possible way.

Glowing ReviewThis glass delivers. It doesn’t produce harsh alcohol fumes and leaves a pleasant aroma in your nostrils. It brought out butterscotch flavors that I had never seen in a 22 year-old bourbon.


This wall art is a statement piece

Whiskey Barrel Watch

This handcrafted clock is made from genuine-aged barrel heads of bourbon, including barrels from a BUNCH OF well-known distillery brand names. It will look great on your wall.

Glowing Review Great piece!! We ordered the Woodford Bourbon Barrel. I would recommend it to everyone!


These are the best ice trays

Silicone Ice Cube Trays

You don’t want to lose a lot $$$?. Whiskey lovers will ❤️ this set of two silicone ice cube trays, which makes perfectly round or square cubes of ice—and yes, they have over 11,000 five-star reviews for a good reason.

Glowing ReviewVery attractive to look at. It is perfect for any drink and adds a special touch to it. The silicone molds work great and can be easily removed if you run hotwater over them quickly.


these genius infusion pouch

Old Fashioned Infusion Kit

This kit includes an infusion bag that contains sweet Michigan cherries, dehydrated oranges, and bitters that have been infused into sugar cubes. All you need is your favorite bourbon.

Glowing Review It was bought for my boyfriend, and he loves it. He infused it with 3 cups whiskey and said that the flavors were perfect. He is not the most picky about his old fashions, but he was very impressed with the result and has already ordered more.


This soap bar is scented with whiskey

Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey soap

Made with crushed oats, apricot seeds, rosemary leaf extract, and *real* whiskey, this sulphate-free soap bar has a peppery, oaky scent that’s oh-so refreshing.

Glowing Review I got this soap for my boyfriend, as he’s a whiskey guy and I thought he’d get a kick out of showering “with” whiskey. He loves it! It is strong, but not overpowering. He loves how clean his skin feels after using the soap. We also appreciated the elegant packaging.


These are topographic glasses

American Mountains, 4

This whiskey glass set is not your average whiskey glasses. Each of the four glasses features a topographic impression showing iconic American mountain peaks, including Half Dome, Denali, and Mt. Rainer, and Mt. Whitney. How cool is that??

Glowing ReviewIt’s a great idea! This was a fun gift for our adventurous son who loves cocktails. He enjoys using them as gifts for his guests and keeps them on display at his bar. Nice quality.


This oak and leather watch

Watch Reclaimed Whiskey

Have you ever seen an original grain watch made from whiskey barrel oak wood? Original Grain makes these watches. Reclaimed whiskey watch for women, too).

Glowing Review I brought this watch as a gift for my husband for Valentine’s Day. I am not exaggerating when he said he was in awe when he opened the package. This watch is unique and eye-catching. It’s absolutely beautiful.


This is the perfect whiskey glasses

Whiskey Wedge

This Corkcicle wedge-shaped glass is the fav for whisky enthusiasts. It’s easy to use and allows you to enjoy whiskey perfectly chilled without having to worry about ice dilution.

Glowing Review The packaging was beautiful and well-designed. It actually works! It kept my whiskey cold throughout the night, without me having to change the cube.


This whiskey of month club

Whiskey Explorer Club Subscription

Mash & Grape

When you sign someone up for Mash & Grape’s whiskey explorer club (which starts at just $69 a month), they’ll receive a hand-selected bottle from a world-class distiller each month along with detailed tasting notes.

Glowing Review We bought the year memberships for our family members. It’s amazing to hear how happy they are to get a new gift each month. They tell us that each bottle is better than their last.


This whiskey sampler subscription

Flaviar Subscription


And if they wanna try a lil bit of everything rather than committing to a full bottle, then sign them up for Flaviar’s monthly subscription, which gets ’em three curated spirit samples every month along with tasting notes.

Glowing Review The spirit selection is excellent and the tasting boxes are well-curated. This is a great deal for anyone who wants to explore.


These chocolates choc-full of scotch

Single Malt Scotch Collection

Do you know a whiskey-loving sweet tooth? You’ve gotta get ’em these precious dark chocolates, which come shaped like mini whiskey bottles and filled with single malt scotch in the center.

Glowing Review This combination of Scotch whisky and dark chocolate is amazing. This assortment is beautifully arranged, from light to full-bodied, and smoky.


These bourbon-infused treats

Bourbon Balls

If they’re more into bourbon than scotch, then you should opt for Woodford Reserve’s famous bourbon balls, which are made with premium Woodford Reserve Bourbon, dark chocolate, and pecans.

Glowing Review Shipping was on time and delivery as promised. Did I mention delicious??


This minimalistic ring

Whiskey Barrel Wood, Carbon Fiber Ring

Get your favorite whiskey lover this simple, unique handmade ring made with white oak taken from retired whiskey barrels.

Glowing Review I just got this is and it’s honestly better than I’d hoped. It looks great, is extremely light and comfortable.


This lightweight t-shirt

Whiskey Will Do Tee

Whether they wear it to a distillery or to brunch, this statement tee is a definite winner (and yes, there’s a men’s version of this shirt, too).

Glowing Review A great-fitting shirt with simple messages. We are always happy to find quality products from reputable companies.


This clever icemaker is perfect for entertaining guests.

Glacious Ice Ball Press

Whiskey is only as good the ice you put into it. This handy ice pressing machine can make beautiful, spherical blocks of ice in under a minute.

Glowing Review Bought for my son in law as a present. He claims it is the real thing. Makes a large ice ball that fills the bottom and sides of a whiskey glass [and]Keeps your drinks cold for several hours.


This set of modern whiskey rocks

Geometric Whiskey stones, set of 4

This set of four whiskey stones is made with soapstone and marble. It will keep your drinks cold (and look so damn cool doing it).

Glowing ReviewThese are very unique and keep my whiskey cool without having to water it down.


This cool oak phone cover is

Tennessee Whiskey Barrel Phone Case

This gorge phone case is perfect for the whiskey-loving person in your life. It can be made from Tennessee whiskey barrel oak, or charred oak.

Glowing Review This phone case was exactly what I was looking. It looks great, and it has incredible grips.


This punny wall hanging

Call me Old Fashioned Framed Print Art

Pun lovers, WYA? This precious lil print (which comes in three different size options) comes with your choice of frame so it’s ready to hang.

Glowing ReviewThis print is simply amazing! It’s a fun way to build character in your home.


This whiskey-themed art piece

Whiskey Barrel Ring

This art piece is made with whiskey barrel rings and a combination pine and barn wood. It really speaks to alcohol, but it’s also art.

Glowing ReviewIt arrived yesterday and it is exactly what was expected. This unique piece is of great quality and will look amazing in our home!


This is a handheld whiskey smoker

Smoking Gun

This smoking gun is a great choice for infusing whiskey or cocktails with natural smoky flavors. This bb can be purchased with a cloche for those who really want to make their day.

Glowing Review This is a great way to make craft cocktails! This makes a whiskey cocktail exceptional. It’s very easy to use.


This leather-bound recipe guide

Whiskey Cocktails

This stunner of a book features a curated collection of more than 100 recipes for whiskey, bourbon, and rye cocktails, and it’ll look chic as heck on someone’s coffee table, no?

Glowing Review This gift was a wonderful gift that I purchased for my husband. This is a great addition for our home bar.


This barrel-aged coffee

Single Malt Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee

This unique American whiskey barrel-aged cask coffee has subtle notes of woody earth, mild sweet tobacco, and can be purchased whole beans, French press, cold brew, espresso, and drip.

Glowing ReviewThis coffee is a wonderful surprise. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the coffee from the first grind to the bag to the last cup. I’m not kidding when I tell you that I think that this is my new favorite brand!


This is a very honest mug

Probably Whiskey Coffee Mug

And ofc, if they’re going to be drinking barrel-aged coffee, then they’re going to need the perfect coffee mug to go along with it.

Glowing ReviewI was surprised at how sturdy and large this mug was. It is my go-to mug when I want to make my mornings easier and have a cup on the patio. Additionally, it’s ALWAYS a great conversation starter. It’s a great conversation starter.


This scent is subtle and surprisingly pleasant

Whisky and Cedarwood Cologne

With notes of fine whiskey, spicy pimento, and warm cedarwood, this unisex fragrance is truly divine (and DW—it’s also perfectly subtle, so you won’t end up smelling like a distillery).

Glowing Review This is my second bottle. It lasts all day, and I get many compliments.


This gradient chart art print

Whiskey Color Scale Chart

This whiskey color gradient chart was legit made for your fave whiskey snob, and it’ll look seriously ~zen~ above their bar cart or in their kitchen.

Glowing Review Print locally, the image quality is excellent. This bookcase is a great addition to any bar cart or bookshelf.


This mini cask

Personalized Whiskey Barrel

This adorable mini oak barrel is a hit with Bourbon drinkers. It comes in two sizes and can be used to store or age any spirit up to 10 times faster (!!) It is cheaper than professional distilleries.

Glowing Review This was a Christmas gift my mom and I bought for my husband. It has made him so happy! This is a great gift for him and he loves how it enhances his favorite bourbon. It was well worth the money!!


This essential baseball cap is a must-have

Whiskey Cures Everything ’47 Clean Up Hat

Although whiskey may not be the best medicine, this cap can help with bad hair days.

Glowing ReviewI bought three hats, and I am very pleased with all of them. Quality materials, workmanship, design. I’ll be ordering from ’47 again.


This spirit-enhancing cup

Whiskey Enhancing Oak Tumbler

Yossi Levin, Max Cheprack

Made from oak and lined with honey wax to help bring out the flavor, this wide base whiskey tumbler will intensify a whiskey’s complexities and take anyone’s sipping experience to the next level.

Glowing Review: My dad says it’s the perfect size for a drink. He also stated that it enhances the flavor and aroma of any bourbon.


These coasters made from gorge merino wool are great for traveling.

Coaster Round 6 Pack

Fact: Water rings suck. Prevent ’em from ever happening by getting the scotch sipper in your life these gorge wool coasters, which are naturally absorbent and stain-resistant so they’ll last for years.

Glowing Review Coasters are beautiful and useful. The colors are vibrant and add a great pop to your decor.


This hot sauce, infused with bourbon, is delicious

Pappy VanWinkle Bourbon Barrel Aged pepper Sauce

This beloved hot sauce is made with small-batch ghost bell peppers and mild red pepper, aged in bourbon barrels and is not for the faint of mind.

Glowing Review My favorite hot sauce! Great flavor with just the right heat.


These stylish polarized sunnies are fashionable

Whiskey Barrel Ridgeline Sunglasses

TBH, even someone who doesn’t drink whiskey would want a pair of these super-unique shades, which are made with a combination of reclaimed whiskey barrel wood and a smooth acetate frame.

Glowing Review I’ve been getting so many compliments on the style and quality of these specks. Personally, I love the texture and the way it feels to my skin.


This is a smooth, small-batch whiskey

1884 Small Batch Whiskey

Ofc, you can’t go wrong with a reaaaally good bottle of whiskey, and this award-winning blend is perfect for sipping neat, on the rocks, or in their fave whiskey or bourbon cocktail.

Glowing ReviewIt was a big surprise. It is a delight to the nose and mouth, with a smooth, pleasant taste.


These are the most luxurious whiskey rocks

Vida Amethyst 6-Piece Whiskey Cube Set

Shopping for an über-sophisticated whiskey drinker? These whiskey stones, which are handcrafted from amethyst gems and smoky Quartz gems, are a must-have.


This vintage pullover

Whiskey Business Baggy Beach Jumper

This super-soft, vintage-inspired fabric is what we are calling it now “Whiskey Business”Crewneck is sure to be their new favorite sweatshirt.


This pretty decanter

Colored glass decanter

Available in gray smoke, blush, amber, or emerald, this STUNNING iridescent glass-blown decanter doubles as a piece of decor and storage for your recipient’s fave booze.


This wall mosaic has multiple squares

Whiskey bottles illustration wood wall art

This wooden wall mosaic comes in three sizes and will look great above a bar cart.


This graphic sweatshirt is cozy and comfortable

Drink Local Hoodie

This unisex hoodie is a great way to show your support for distillery swag. It’s made by the Black-owned Painted Stave Distilling, Delaware.

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