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It didn’t hurt that the style quickly racked up enough movie credits to fill out a lengthy IMDb profile of its own, taking on roles as a quintessential emblem of tough-guy style on screens across the globe. They were a little sloppy at the waist, with the collar raised, and they looked great doing it.

A century after they first saw action on the battlefield, the best trench coats for men haven’t evolved all that much. (Hey, if it ain’t broke…) These days, though, even the most classic versions have received minor facelifts: the silhouettes are a little slimmer, the colors a little more varied, and the overall design inspiration a little less literal. The trench coat is no longer the only acceptable foul-weather jacket, but it’s still one of the most stylish ways to stay dry in the face of brisk winds, drizzle, and high chances of big fits. These are our favorites available right now, each one ready and willing to wade into the muck and fight tirelessly by your side, whether you’re battling the dude at Whole Foods for the last bunch of broccolini or your insufferable colleague Ted (hi, Ted!) for the promotion.

The Brand That Made It First: The Best Trench Coat

Burberry “Kensingoton”Trench coat

Burberry’s legendary trench isn’t just made from water-resistant gabardine cloth—it’s made from water-resistant gabardine cloth the brand literally invented way back in 1879. Nearly 150 years later, the company still sells the Platonic ideal of the form, complete with all the traditional fixings you’d expect to find on a coat that refuses to go out of style: the khaki color, the epaulets, the double-breasted silhouette, and in Burberry’s case, the unmistakable check pattern, a flex that says you know your menswear history and are willing to shell out top dollar to own a piece of it.

The Best Trench Coat of Old-School Quality

London Fog Iconic trench coat

London Fog was to raincoats for a long time what Kleenex was compared to tissues. There’s a decent chance that someone in your family owned one of the brand’s ubiquitous trenches, but if they didn’t, it’s not too late to rectify their mistake: the brand still makes one of the best value options on the market, with all the hallmarks of the genre you remember from your grandad’s version, including a cozy wool liner you’d be hard-pressed to find on alternatives ten times the price.

The Best Trench Coat of the Old School

Coherence AL II gabardine trenchcoat

While there are many brands that modernize the trench coat by creating shorter lengths and slimmer cuts, Coherence goes the opposite way. The Japanese label specializes in outerwear that’d look right at home keeping you dry on your commute to work in the ‘50s. Aesthetically, that means a flowing, knee-length silhouette and a forgiving cut, even when you’You can re-wear it over your most stylish fall blazer. It also has a removable melton wool collar that can be used as a wind-blocking friend for cold autumn days.

The Best Pared Down Trench Coat

Studio Nicholson “Ventus”Coat

Trench coats in their most traditional form are usually double-breasted and belted. However, 2022 will see that these details are no longer the mainstay of the silhouette. Studio Nicholson’s is the perfect encapsulation of designer Nick Wakeman’s anti-trend, no-frills approach to menswear. This is a sleek-assassin electric car, whereas the traditional trench is a classic roadster. Even the color on this joint has been updated, from the usual khaki to a more contemporary gray-ish hue, while the fit—relaxed, and intentionally oversized—feels just right for today.

The Best Trench Coat You Won’t Want to Wear in the Rain

The Row “Edward”Belted alpaca coat and linen-blend trench coat

The Row makes discreet, insanely tasteful clothing favored by stylish A-listers like Zoë Kravitz and Jonah Hill—along with plenty of deep-pocketed menswear obsessives with nary a movie credit to their name. So it follows that the label’s pared-down trench swaps out the usual gabardine for a wildly luxurious alpaca blend—with a touch of linen mixed in, for good measure—a decadent proposition that proves the silhouette is good for more than just rain protection. None of the brand’s wares come cheap, but if you’ve got 4K to drop on a coat destined to become a family heirloom (we’re not jealous, really), park that paycheck right here and try not to be too peeved when your grandkids swipe it from your closet.

Plus 14 more Trench Coats We Like

MFPen x throwing Fits shell trench coat

Do you feel like a teenage dirtbag, eager to dress up as if you are a godsend? It’s a good place to start: some grown-up outerwear.

Massimo Alba baby Corduroy Trench coat

Corduroy is the MVP of fall fabrics—now you can wear it daily in elegant outerwear form.

Percival waterproof “Sherlock”Trench coat

Old-school good looks + new-school fabrics = a wool-blend trench that’s about to replace your favorite topcoat.

Bottega Veneta trench coat

Because we’ve yet to discover an item of clothing, no matter how traditional, that doesn’t look cooler in all black.

Ralph Lauren stretch cotton trench coat

A menswear classic elevated to its ideal form—in other words, pure Ralph.

Acne Studios double-breasted creased tweed coat in creased leather

Matrix-y Leather Trench: Take leather season to its logical end

Banana Republic classic Trench coat

That sweet cropped length means you’ll have plenty of room to show off the rest of your fit—and that sweet price means you’ll have plenty of coin to spend on it.

Mackintosh “St. Andrews”Double-breasted trench coat

Any trench with a made in the U.K. pedigree is going to be built to stand up to dreary conditions, but Mackintosh’s comes backed by nearly two centuries’ worth of weather-busting prowess.

Nanushka “Loan”Trench coat with hood

What this trench coat lacks in belt buckles it makes up for in hoods, a trade-off we’re more than happy to make.

A.P.C. A.P.C.

Perfectly trim fit, hidden placket, clean cotton make, and not a single unnecessary frill to be found:Trench coats don’t come much sleeker than this.

Y/Project wire-inset cotton trench coat

When you’ve gotta walk the runway at noon and walk home in a downpour at two.

Won Hundred “Holden” trench coat

Choosing which trench coat to buy isn’t always a black and white decision, but it might be a black and tan one.

A-Cold-Wall* x Mackintosh geometric mac coat

Like we said before, Mackintosh has been around for a while (since the early 1800s, in fact), but this trench, made in collaboration with new-wave London label A-Cold-Wall*, looks like it’s ready to weather an apocalyptic hailstorm centuries in the future.

Sacai trench coat

The silhouette might pull inspiration from military styles of old, but the stripped down, hidden-button design brings Sacai’s trench firmly into the here and now.

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